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Cold Storage

Temperature and humidity are two vital factors in keeping items such as fruit, medicine, etc. in cold storage. Therefore, it is very important to monitor these two parameters to prevent any possible changes in them. Using the FIDAQUIRE data logger, it will be possible to record data and also monitor them remotely using the IIOT platform in a completely safe way.

Also, by defining the types of SMS and email alerts in the form of alarm and pre-alarm in different temperature and humidity conditions, it provides the possibility of preventing any unwanted events in the cold storage and prevents possible damages.

Remote monitoring systems warn you that your refrigerated and frozen food inventory may be in danger

When you’re responsible for valuable cold food products and frozen or refrigerated inventory, disaster can lurk, especially when you’re not on site.

Cold storage temperature monitoring

FIDAQUIRE data loggers for monitoring refrigerators and freezers help you make sure that everything is constantly kept at the right temperature. These data loggers monitor the standard refrigerator and freezer temperatures and even the very low freezer temperatures (-80°C) and act as data loggers to ensure that the temperature remains within the correct range.

Monitoring critical conditions

In addition to recording temperature and humidity, this data logger can monitor critical conditions such as power outages, equipment failures, and water leaks, and send you instant alerts via email or SMS when conditions fall outside of your preset parameters.

This data logger is ideal for recording the following refrigerators and freezers:

Fruit cold storages

Food production facilities

Food processing and storage equipment

food service

Retail locations

Pharmaceutical refrigerators

Early notification allows you to take quick and preventive action before cold storage materials are affected by unwanted temperature changes, equipment is damaged or the environment is contaminated.