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Many large and small factories and industries, regardless of the control systems and PLCs installed in their production site, need an edge monitoring system (Edge device) in order to transfer data safely and on the Internet platform. Integrating these data into a system focused on the IIOT industrial intelligent network platform has helped collection specialists in the direction of remote control and monitoring of production lines, packaging, etc., and makes it possible to record the data of these lines.

Using the FIDAQUIRE data logger and analog and digital input cards, it is possible to record and monitor all types of output data from all types of standard analog sensors (with voltage and current output) such as temperature, pressure, current, voltage, tank level, torque, etc.

24/7 monitoring of critical systems

Remote monitoring systems offer a low-cost solution for 24/7 facility monitoring. Also, a higher management and protection layer is defined in order to control and monitor the collection, and in case of any kind of equipment failure, the operator is immediately notified via email or SMS.

Remote monitoring of environmental data points including:

Some organizations, such as oil and gas, water and sewage companies, use the mentioned system to independently check the environmental conditions and equipment in their remote sites. For this purpose, sensors to control wet well levels, temperature, flow, equipment and power outages and the status of pumps are installed at the desired site and send the data remotely to the control center.

Also, recording data in a data logger will be an easy way to demonstrate compliance and analyze trends and report equipment performance status.