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Fidar Electronics Company was founded in late 2017 by a number of domestic and foreign graduates, in order to provide energy consumption optimization equipment through the production of smart equipment and energy consumption optimization, as well as monitoring of this equipment using IOT technology started working.


In the following years, in line with cooperation with several mother industries inside the country, such as power plants, cement factories, iron smelters, etc., we were able to expand our products in the field of controlling equipment and precision instruments, especially sanctioned equipment. At the beginning of the critical conditions of COVID-19, within a few months, we designed, built and prepared the first thermometer made in Iran.


This company is currently working on the fourth generation industry project (IIOT) and expanding this platform on monitoring and RTUs based on the fourth generation industry, which is expected to bring about a major transformation in Iran’s industry.


Fidar Electronics Company, during its more than a decade of activity, has succeeded in receiving numerous approvals and certificates, including the certificate of basic production knowledge, and now has more than 20 agencies active in the country, in the field of design, production and The installation of monitoring and control systems fulfills its mission to meet the needs of the country.


We believe that if our product meets our expectations, it will exceed yours.