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Receiving alerts about issues that threaten your server environment

As a critical IT equipment or server room manager, you need immediate notification of environmental problems that can affect your server room and data centers. The FIDAQUIRE data logger device together with the CANOpen monitoring card has the ability to simultaneously monitor the network environment (temperature, electricity, humidity, etc.) and TCP/IP devices.

As soon as the environmental conditions change, according to the data received from the sensors, the device notices the changes according to the defined warnings and the system sends warning messages to the designated personnel. FIDAQUIRE’s comprehensive infrastructure monitoring allows IT managers to react to network outages before it’s too late. Using the data logger device in the server room prevents turning a defect into a disaster and prevents material and moral damages resulting from the lack of proper physical conditions in the server room.

Also, this data logger with the ability to support the SNMP protocol, in addition to its dedicated user panel, has the ability to connect to a variety of network management software (such as Solarwinds).

Remote perimeter monitoring protects server rooms and network distribution facilities:

You can access all the data of your server room through the Internet during the hours when you are away from the collection you are watching and predict it before anything happens. Among the parameters that can be monitored in the server room using the FIDAQUIRE device, the following can be mentioned:

Ambient temperature of the server room and racks

Power Swing

Ambient humidity

Entry and exit monitoring

Water Leak

smoke and fire

Voltage and alternative current

The FIDAQUIRE datalogger consists of a main “Host” unit and supports up to 31 extended “Node” devices. Each node has the ability to communicate with environmental sensors and sends its information to the host for recording and display.

The system can send warning messages to the user over the network via email or text message.